Barack Obama Sworn in as President   [VIEW FULL POST]


It feels great to be back at blogging. I have been at business for over six months and this is my first blog post since then.

What a day to start with. Today, January 20, 2009 will be a day in history, as Barack Obama is sworn in as 44th president of the United States. Watching the presidential address on CNN is so great, thanks for the coverage guys. Barack Obams is the first African American to take up such a high position and the eyes of the world were on Washington earlier tonight. It was very good to watch Chief Justice John G. Roberts swear in the president elect.

Obama then waved good bye to former President George W Bush, of whom, I am a great fan. Although, many of his measures have been critized, I have enjoyed many other reforms brought in by the former president. It feels strange to label him as former President. The change has indeed occured!!

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who will be crowned champions of europe?   [VIEW FULL POST]


The English premier league went to the wires but Chelsea could not hold on to the lead, and eventually lost the season. Avran Grant has done something that not even The football mastermind Jose Maurinho failed to do. Take Chelsea to the champions league finals.

Now everything lies in the hands (legs) of the blues. Go for it blues, you deserve to be crowned!


crude at all time high   [VIEW FULL POST]


Crude oil has hit hundred and twenty eight dollars per dollars, which is a all time high. This is expected to have a big negative impact on the global economy. World bank has already warned of negative growth rates and related unrest in some parts of the globe. The mid east, is one of the major oil producers in the world. This can also have a major impact on the dollar value.

blues against the reds   [VIEW FULL POST]


For more than two years, my routine for a Saturday always included watching a football match and this time it is not going to happen. The EPL season has come to an end and the final weekend will have the an array of ten matches played simultaneously.

The best two matches of this season will be hosted by Wigan and Chelsea. Manchester United are level on points with the blues, who are still behind only by a goal difference. The EPL is on the line and the championship is hanging...


Darker side of Radioactivity   [VIEW FULL POST]


Radioactivity was an excellent discovery. Radioactivity is useful..but there is a saying called there are two sides of a coin.. I know everybody should be aware of Chernobyl. Chernobyl is one of worst nuclear power plant accident in History.

Well, in 1984, an accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant. One of the reactor exploded and further explosions sent fumes into the atmosphere. It was a highly reactive fallout and spread over an extensive area. The effect was more than 40 times as of that of Hiroshima. The fumes distributed over parts of Western Soviet Union, Western and Eastern Europe and Eastern North America. Russia was badly contaminated with radioactive rays. There was evacuation and resettlement of more than 300,000 people.

This accident raised great concerns about the safety of Soviet nuclear power industry. Now-indepedent countries like Russia, Ukraine and also Belarus have been affected with continuing, rapid and substantial decontamination. Infact, it is quite difficult to estimate the number deaths caused. It was indeed difficult to track down victims. Soviet Authorities had to forbade doctors to mention "radiation", on death certificates. However, the effect can still be felt in areas around the reactor.

chelsea and liverpool   [VIEW FULL POST]


Chelsea and liverpool meet tonite at Stamford Bridge in the 2nd leg of the Champions League semifinals, a week after Chelsea held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw at Anfield in the first leg. Chelsea head in to this tie as slight favorites considering the crucial away goal, but Liverpool can always spring a surprise in Europe. Torres and Gerrard remain key to Liverpool's hopes but Gerrard has to remain cautious as he is just a booking away from missing the final. Liverpool's Carragher and Chelsea's Terry too are a booking away from missing the final against Manchester United on 21st May in Moscow.



I know it was a tough game. Excitement on its peak, I sat before the TV set to watch the legendary teams. A splendid and spectacular strike by Paul Scholes gave tickets to Manchester United to catch their flight to Moscow to play the Champions League final.

The only goal of the game was splendid one. Scholes rifled in a 25-yard effort after 14 minutes, piercing the air. Scholes was at his best. The aim, timing proved perfect and positive.

Barcelona offered a great defense, yet Manchester United kept its pace till the end. Manchester United is flying to Moscow finally and am eagerly waiting for tonights game.

need a good domain   [VIEW FULL POST]


There are so many posts in my blog that i have stopped using the name of this blog in the blog community. I am now looking for a good domain name, that i can book and use as a personal blog.

I got a nice name and before i could book it, the name was gone and i mailed the owner asking for a deal. The owner asked for a lot of money. I was not interested in buying the domain for any more than $35.

Some body suggest me a good name.